Custom Magnets

Custom MagnetsCustom magnets are often called advertising magnets or promotional magnets because they offer a company or organization a way to communicate information to a selected group of people. There are many varieties of customized magnets to choose from including save the date magnets, schedule magnets, shaped magnets, picture frame magnets, info magnets and more. A company can even order business card magnets in addition to or in replacement of their normal business card routine.

Custom printed magnets are affordable and easy to order. In fact, Payless Magnets will assist each customer with their custom magnets design, no matter what a company or organization is looking for. Payless Magnets offers customized magnets that are thick, strong and high quality throughout.

Real estate and veterinary professionals, marketing companies or any other corporate entity can benefit from having their business logo and more printed on a custom fridge magnet. Payless Magnets is an online company that offers a free email proof of your custom magnet (to your complete satisfaction), before you pay.

Refrigerator Magnets / Fridge Magnets

Refrigerator Fridge MagnetsRefrigerator magnets, also known as fridge magnets for short, are used for many functions including professional and personal use. Unlike the fridge magnets you get at the store, a professional designer at Payless Magnets will completely customize your imprinted magnets to what you need.

Refrigerator magnets can take on any shape such as those found in the shaped magnets section of our site. They can also include helpful extras such as what you see with calendar magnets, schedule magnets, photo frame magnets or even save the date magnets. These fridge magnet additions help create a successful marketing campaign because they offer something to a person rather than just being an advertising magnet for the company.

Personalized magnets such as save the date magnets or picture frame magnets can be fun and add a level of excitement to the traditional save the date selection. Imprinted magnets such as word magnets can be used as educational tools for children or simply as a fun kitchen activity for all ages. The flexibility of word magnets also allows them to be used on any magnetic surface outside of the kitchen. They are considered mini magnets and can be combined together to form sentences.

Fridge magnets work well for many situations because they are in a prime location – the kitchen. They are a versatile communication tool which is physically flexible, affordable and completely customizable.

Promotional Magnets / Advertising Magnets

Promotional Advertising MagnetsAdvertising magnets through Payless Magnets are printed to order. Even though they are cheap to purchase, they still maintain a high level of quality. When comparing advertising magnets to other ads and promotional tools, they are truly the most cost effective and give the biggest return on investment when working with a shoestring budget. Depending on the quantity of promotional magnets ordered, companies, realtors and other professionals can even receive wholesale pricing. Companies looking to buy refrigerator magnets online should consider Payless Magnets printing services. We are the printers and manufacturers of discount advertising magnets.

Our magnet design help will give your company the edge it needs to have a successful marketing campaign. Whether you are looking for large, small, blank, full color photo, plain, shaped magnets, business card magnets, schedule magnets or much more, our company can deliver a high quality magnet product in a time frame that works for you.

Visit our business card magnets section if you are looking to transform your business card into a permanent place in your customer’s kitchen or visit our custom magnets page for a selection of unique designs and personalization for full color magnets.